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Enforcement Customer Service
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Southwest Washington

Main Office  
Kelly Higbee
Enforcement Staff  
Captain Daniel Rehfield
Lt. Maureen Wheeler
Lt. Paul Magerl
Lt. Steve Trisko
Sgt. Doug Jones
Sgt. Jackie Eliason
Sgt. Pat McFerran
Sgt. Almir Karic
Officer Kraig Seltzer
Officer Raj Veluppillai

Officer James Martinez
Officer Kendra Ogren
Officer Don Williams
Officer Marvin Madtson

Officer Robert Raveica
Officer Sam Eikum
Officer Carly Reynoldson
Officer Justin Pattison

King County

Main Office  
Alana Cooper
Enforcement Staff  
Captain Tim Thompson

Lt. Woodrow Perkins
Lt. Pholeng Chue (PC)

Lt.Dean Lambert
Sgt.Douglas Weable

Officer Beth Horne

Officer John Jung
Officer Lucy Peterson

Officer Richard Smith
Officer Paul Vanderwulp
Offcicer Adam Burkholder
Officer Robert Rieder

Northwest Washington

Main Office  
Matthew McCallum

Enforcement Staff  
Captain Tom Dixon
Lt. Frank Gallegos 
Lt. Kate Miyasato
Lt. Rafael Lucatero
Sgt. Troy McCallister
Sgt, Steven Grassfield
Officer Dee Johnson 
Officer Kimberly Horton
Officer John Courtney
Officer Judy Lewis
Officer Mark Shipman
Officer Steven Telstad
Officer Joe Bussman
Officer Mark Postma
Officer Kenneth Neaville

Central / Eastern Washington

Main Office  
Nona Engelhard

Enforcement Staff  
Captain Sheri Lopez
Lt. Rob Reynolds
Lt. J. Kevin Starkey
Lt. Kent Williams
Lt. Rod Mittmann
Sgt. Tom Stensatter
Sgt. Caine Hilario
Sgt. Tim Mahan
Sgt. Matthew Murphy
Officer Bob Lucas
Officer Mark Baker
Officer Nathan Reynolds
Officer Lee Slemp
Officer Robert Sola
Officer Robert Goldsby

Officer Steven Morehead
Officer Austin Shively

Marijuana - Retail     

Southwest Washington

King County
Northwest Washington
Central/Eastern Washington

Producers & Processors

Main Office  
 Belinda Verona
Enforcement Staff  
Commander Jennifer Dzubay
Lt. Joshua Bolender Joshua.Bolender@LCB.WA.GOV
Lt. Lorn Richey Lorn.Richey@LCB.WA.GOV
Lt. Jeremy Wissing Jeremy.Wissing@LCB.WA.GOV
Sgt. Ray Asher Raymond.Asher@LCB.WA.GOV
Sgt. John Wilson John.Wilson@LCB.WA.GOV
Officer Lee Slemp


Officer John Martin John.Martin@LCB.WA.GOV
Officer Bobbi Martinez Barbara.Martinez@LCB.WA.GOV
Officer Tony Masias Anthony.Masias@LCB.WA.GOV
Officer John Kana


Officer Patrick Matthews Patrick.Matthews@LCB.WA.GOV
Officer Jesse Mill Jesse.Mill@LCB.WA.GOV
Officer Scott Wernecke Scott.Wernecke@LCB.WA.GOV
Officer Dan Turner Dan.Turner@LCB.WA.GOV
Officer Vanessa Garris Vanessa.Garris@LCB.WA.GOV

 Tobacco Tax

Captain Lisa Reinke Lisa.Reinke@LCB.WA.GOV
Lt. Mark Keller


Lt. Al Anderson Alfred.Anderson@LCB.WA.GOV
Lt. Ryan Navrat Ryan.Navrat@LCB.WA.GOV
Sgt. Rufino DeLeon Rufino.DeLeon@LCB.WA.GOV
Lee Boling


Officer Robert Raveica Robert.Raveica@LCB.WA.GOV
Officer Diana Peters Dian.Peters@LCB.WA.GOV